Canadian College Italy (“CCI”) makes every effort to ensure that the information placed on this website is accurate and up-to-date. 所有CCI网站上的资料仅供参考. CCI shall not be liable for damages of any kind arising out of your reliance on the information on CCI website.

所有在线内容(包括文本), 照片, 图形/图像, 标志, 视频和音频文件)发布于 jiysy6ad.alinamin.net ,以及在CCI管理的其他网站上发布的在线内容. You may view and/or download the content only for your personal, non-commercial use. 内容不得以其他方式复制, 修改, 转载了, 未经CCI许可的广播或分发. 严禁未经授权使用. CCI可随时更改或删除网页内容,恕不另行通知.

点击内部的某些链接 jiysy6ad.alinamin.net (or other website managed by CCI) will take you into website that are not under the control of and are not maintained by CCI. CCI is not responsible in any way for the content, safety or security of those website.

CCI collects information that can identify you only when it is voluntarily offered. 我们根据我们的隐私声明使用这些信息. CCI保留随时对其网站进行更改的权利. CCI可随时更改此声明.


CCI致力于保护您的个人信息隐私. 当你, 作为家长, 学生, 校友或其他个人成员, 向学校提供个人信息(如姓名), 地址及电话), it is shared with CCI – including the Admissions office for communication purposes.

CCI不断努力通过连接学生来加强CCI社区, 父母, 校友, 教师, 与CCI的员工和朋友,以及彼此之间的关系. Personal information gathered for College registration purposes is used to invite our constituents to events, inform them of opportunities for involvement and distribute publications to keep our community informed. 此外,学校还征求财政和


当您访问CCI的网站时, you may decide to provide us with your personal information by signing up online to receive more information about the school, 对于一个事件, 一个程序, 一个应用程序, 校友活动或邮寄名单(举例). 因此, 我们可能会存储您的姓名等信息, address, 电话号码, 电子邮件地址和您提供的其他数据, 无论是电子文件还是物理文件. CCI尽一切努力确保这些信息的安全存储. It is safeguarded against unauthorized use and access to this information is restricted to authorized members of the CCI community. 在任何情况下,你的信息都不会被出租, 出售或交易给CCI以外的任何组织或其他人. 然而, your information may be released at our discretion should we deem it necessary to comply with a law, legal investigation or court order; or to protect the physical safety of our community members and College.


CCI保持私有, password-protected online areas such as portals for the exclusive use of the CCI community including 教师, 工作人员, 家长与学生. Members of the CCI community are expected to comply with appropriate CCI policies and are required to keep confidential any information, 他们不知道的材料或知识. Members of the community may not use/circulate/share any of this information for any reason or gain of any kind.

When credit card or other ordering information is provided to CCI via the Internet, CCI采用商业惯例保护和保障这些信息


CCI的筹款, 校友关系, communications and donor services programs are all part of the Office of Advancement. 招生办公室会保存姓名记录, 地址及电话号码, along with other personal information that is publicly available or provided through interactions with CCI 工作人员, 志愿者和社区成员. You have the right to view your Advancement office file upon request – 24 hours notice is requested in order to ensure that the Director of Advancement is available to review your file with you personally and

All digital sources of personal information are stored in password-protected platforms, 由CCI社区的授权成员访问. Information in the Advancement Office is stored in a confidential database and in secure files located onsite in our Toronto office.

Under no circumstances is this information rented, sold or given to any external organization. Access to this information is restricted to authorized members of the CCI community, including volunteers who have been trained in dealing with information in accordance with our privacy standards and who have signed a confidentiality agreement. 代表CCI行事的第三方, 例如邮政所, 是否需要遵守这些隐私标准.

Members of the CCI community may have access to confidential information within the password-protected areas of CCI’s website, 门户网站或在线社区. 用户应对信息保密, 他们能接触到的材料和知识. 在CCI网站的任何区域内没有任何信息或数据, 门户网站或在线社区可能被传输, 转售或用于任何商业目的或任何形式的收益, 并且只用于与大学有关的目的. CCI has the right to suspend the online access or privileges of anyone who breaches this policy.


The purpose of the CCI Alumni Online Community is to foster and support positive relationships among 校友 and between the College and 校友, 以及以有意义和有目的的方式联系校友和学生. The CCI Alumni Online Community is maintained by the 招生办公室 in consultation with the CCI Alumni Online Communications Committee. The Online Communications Committee and the 招生办公室 continuously seek opportunities to enhance the Online Community. CCI不能对输入的信息承担责任

可接受的使用: CCI校友在线社区是CCI及其校友的官方使用, and for individual communication of a personal nature between members listed therein. Use of this Online Community for any other purpose is strictly prohibited and is in direct violation of copyright and constitutes misappropriation of corporate property, 包括但不限于:复制和存储信息, 文字或图形, contained in the Online Community in a retrieval system by any means (electronic or mechanical); maligning CCI 工作人员, 学生s or 校友; and using any information or 照片 contained in this directory for any private, 商业或政治游说, 以邮寄或电子方式邮寄. Membership in the Online Community requires compliance with the privacy statement and acceptable use policy. CCI reserves the right to suspend access or privileges of any member of the College community who does not use the information contained in the Online Community in a responsible manner or who otherwise breaches the privacy statement and acceptable use policy.


We use email to communicate with our community – which includes current and 学生s and their family members, 以及活动嘉宾, 供应商和潜在家庭. We uphold General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and CASL (Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation) and ensure our e-communications are as relevant and concise as possible. 您可以随时管理您的电子邮件偏好.


请电子邮件 admissions@alinamin.net